False Alarm Management

AlarmCalm - Complete False Alarm Management

Advanced has developed AlarmCalm, we think it's the most powerful and complete solution available.

AlarmCalm false alarm management features are available in our latest Config Tool software.

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Dynamix Smoke

Job Done Fan & Damper Control

Historically fan and damper control has been complicated, physically separated from the fire system and inefficient. Advanced has changed all that with DynamixSmoke.

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Fire Audio Perfected

Synchronised fire audio is a major issue, especially in large and high rise buildings where efficient and clear instructions are vital.

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Lux Intelligent

Innovation in Emergency Lighting

Lux Intelligent is the latest version of Advanced's Legendary Emergency Lighting Test System.

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Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Whether it's an Advanced or 3rd party fire system, our integrated PSUs and battery chargers provide high efficiency, easily-installed, switch mode power supplies.

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Customized Panels

Our AdSpecials team works with customers to design and build custom panels, interfaces, mimics and control units based on our market-leading fire systems technology.

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