Axis AX Logo1 Loop Panel

Advanced's state of the art 1 loop analog addressable Fire Control Panel is compliant with UL 864 Edition 9 and features:

  • 1 SLC loop - Class A (style 6,7) or Class B (style 4)
  • 126 addressable intelligent points
  • Available in compact and standard size enclosures
  • 2 x 2 Amp Class A (style Z) or Class B (style Y) Programmable NAC circuits
  • 3 x on board relays. 1 Trouble, 2 programmable
  • System keys for Reset, ACK, Silence, Resound & Drill
  • 19 on board LED indicators
  • LED status indicators
  • Available in Standard and Large enclosure
  • Dedicated system and navigation keys for simple user control
  • User friendly Windows based Pc-Net configuration software includes virtual panel for remote diagnostics functionality via a low cost modem connection.
  • Powerful cause-and-effect event programming coupled with the flexible dynamic zoning makes the panel suitable for wide range of site applications including the most complex multi area systems.
  • Programmable variable sensitivity (day/night) modes with multiple 7-day timers.