Axis AX - The UL864 Compliant Fire System

Axis AX is a complete system of high performance fire panels, audio systems, command centers and high performance devices.

Axis AX is built on years of technology leadership in the intelligent fire systems market and it is used across the globe in some of the most challenging and prestigious locations.

Axis AX Fire Panels

Intelligent Fire Panels

Axis AX is our highest performing UL 864 approved panel range and comes complete with digital audio.

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Axis AX Audio

Ready for Complete Audio Configuration

With the addition of an Advanced audio module (AV-AMP-80), any Axis AX control panel or Command Center becomes fully audio capable.

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Axis AX Command Centers

Axis AX Command Centers are built on the backbone of our Axis intelligent fire panels to support a wide variety of configurations and applications.

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Axis AX Devices

Axis AX’s loop device range is high performance, easily installed and maintained and offers a range of features and benefits suitable for almost any configuration.

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Axis AX Peripheral Bus

The Axis AX Fire alarm Control Panels can be customized for almost any requirement.

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Axis AX System Diagram

The Axis AX System Diagram demonstrates a typical fire system using Axis AX panels and devices.

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Axis AX is a complete system of high performance fire panels, audio systems, command center and high performance devices.

At its core are intelligent single and multi-loop networkable fire alarm control panels with a complete range of intelligent loop devices, extensive peripherals, NAC and conventional devices.

Axis AX includes multi-channel audio with messages built into each node and synchronization of audio and NAC devices per panel across the network, with complete system redundancy.

It offers multiple command center performance, telephones, smoke and fan control, mass notification, graphical control and BMS interfacing.

Axis AX is designed to go anywhere you need high quality, reliable and easy to use fire detection and control, from mass transportation and industrial complexes to landmark developments, historic buildings and public services.